2016 Oahu Summer Bucket List

You can search all day trying to find things to do on Oahu. There are countless trails, waterfalls, ruins, and beaches to keep you busy the entire vacation. It gets overwhelming trying to figure out which Oahu attractions you can fit into your schedule, and we can help! Read on to learn about some of the Oahu activities you don’t want to miss in our 2016 Summer Bucket List.


Açaí Bowl

The açaí bowl may not have originated in Hawaii, but they made it their own and perfected this super food breakfast delicacy. Native Hawaiians, travelers, and food aficionados will have different opinions on where to get the best one, but on Oahu it’s hard to go wrong. The berry grows on açaí palm trees and is a native fruit of South America. Your typical açaí bowl has a blended mix of açaí, fruits and berries, sometimes vegetables like kale or spinach, and topped with delicious coconut, granola, honey, and whatever the chef decides to add. On Oahu, you get fresh cut pineapple and coconut that never left the island. The bowl you get on the north shore is going to be very different from the one you get in Honolulu so make sure you try more than one!



Dole Plantation

Another famous Oahu activity is a visit to the Dole Plantation. It was originally founded in the early 1900’s by James Dole as the Hawaiian Pineapple Company and later bought out by Castle & Cooke, Inc in the 1960’s. In the 1990’s they changed to the household name The Dole Food Company. They have multiple tour options including the Pineapple Express Train Tour, Plantation Garden Tour, and the world famous Pineapple Garden Maze. The maze encompasses over 3 acres and is made of over 14,000 native Hawaiian plants. You can see prices and tour options on the Dole Plantation website.


Submarine Tour

Submarines aren’t just for sailors. Another popular thing to do on Oahu is taking a submarine tour. Go 100 feet underwater and meet tropical fish and turtles native to the area. Atlantis Adventures has even installed artificial reefs to help support marine life. Their tours typically take you by shipwrecks and a sunken plane. Viator offers sky to sea combo tours that bring you around the island by helicopter then transfer to submarine. Make sure to book your tour in advance or you could miss out on this Oahu attraction.


Barbeque On The Beach

Everyone loves a good barbeque, and if you’re planning to stay on Oahu you probably feel the same way about going to the beach. Why not have both? Having a barbeque on the beach is an Oahu activity you won’t soon forget. No need to leave to eat, you can just sun bathe and swim the whole day, as long as you’re not the cook! It can get windy out there so make sure to check the weather and come prepared with sunscreen, towels, and garbage bags. Always leave the beach the way you found it or better!


Scenic Drive

You can enjoy a great view from bustling Honolulu, but if you want to experience serene bamboo forests and extinct volcanoes then you need to take a drive. You can go any direction to find breathtaking Oahu attractions. Driving up the windward side of the island you will experience a land to sea panorama that could be straight out of a painting. Or you could meander through central Oahu visiting ancient Hawaiian sites and hiking trails. You really can’t make a wrong choice, but make sure to do some research about the sites you want to see in case you don’t have enough time to see them all! Click here for more information about car rentals and other concierge services.

While you plan your stay on Oahu keep in mind the location of your lodging. You don’t want to spend your vacation traveling to and from sites. A lot more can be fit into a schedule depending on where you stay. The Moana Blu collection consists of luxury vacation rentals on Oahu that might be in the perfect location for your trip!

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